Transforming veterinary emergency care: exploring VEG's innovative approach


How redefining transparency, culture, and career can help build a better emergency veterinary experience

Sponsored by VEG

In this segment of dvm360 Live!™, VEG cofounders David Glattstein and Dave Bessler, VMD, join Adam Christman, DVM, MBA,to discuss their distinctive mission and approach.

VEG's singular focus on emergency and critical care has led them to reenvision the emergency care landscape, they explain. A pivotal aspect of VEG's model is their open floor plan, allowing pet owners to actively engage in their pets' recovery process. This transparency empowers pet parents to witness the care their animals receive while highlighting the dedication of veterinary professionals. This approach, they said, resonates with today's trend of pets being integral family members.

VEG's distinct corporate culture revolves around core values—openness, togetherness, heroic helping, and meaningful moments. This culture is designed to permeate the organizations actions, dress code, language, and educational initiatives. On the career front, VEG's move to eliminate non-compete agreements in 2022 underscores a commitment to providing a growth-oriented environment for their team.

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