Ballroom dancing with Ryane E. Englar


Dr Adam Christman steps outside the exam room and learns how to ballroom dance with Ryane E. Englar

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Adam Christman, DVM, MBA always loves to showcase his colleagues' talents outside the veterinary clinic. In this segment of dvm360® Live!™, Ryan E. Englar, DVM, DABVP teaches Christman the basics of ballroom dance. Check out how the dynamic duo light up the dance floor.

Below is a partial transcript. Watch the video above for more, or check out the episode recap article here.

Ryane E. Englar, DVM, DABVP: [Ballroom dancing] reminds me of medicine—you never stop growing. You're always constantly growing, refining your skills, [and] learning something new. The other is communication, right? In my day job, that's what I focus on: client communication. In ballroom [dancing] I have to constantly tune into what my partner is telling me, often without words.

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