Heads up trivia with Julia Miller leads to hilarious results


Julia Miller and Adam Christman play heads up trivia and have a blast in the process.

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Julia Miller, DVM, DACVD, goes head-to-head with Adam Christman, DVM, in heads up trivia. In addition to in-depth clinical discussion, dvm360® Live!™ is all about having fun and showing another side to veterinary professionals. Who came out on top? Check out the video below for the answer.

Below is a partial transcript. See the video for more:

Adam Christman, DVM, MBA: I want to see how well our friend Dr. Julia Miller is with trivia...We're going to play heads up, which is such a fun game. So, I'm going to choose a category: superstars...Let's see how well I know superstars, and then you [Julia Miller] are going to choose your category.

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