Emergency & Critical Care

ElleVet launches new national nonprofit

The ElleVet Project is designed to expand free veterinary care efforts to pets of the homeless and street pets.

Veterinary Emergency Group appoints chief veterinary nursing officer

Congratulations to Ken Yagi, MS, RVT, VTS (ECC, SAIM), on being named to this unique position for veterinary technicians.

5 must-reads for Poison Prevention Awareness Month

In observance of this special month, here are 5 articles that bust myths and misconceptions about toxicology in veterinary medicine, plus provide useful tips and tricks, and resources.

ICU bootcamp

Discover the strategies you need to develop standard protocols and best practices in critical care units, as well as important tools to maintain mental health while working in such a stressful and demanding environment.

How to build trust in the emergency setting

Know how to communicate with and comfort clients, especially during critical moments, when you are not the primary veterinarian.

A Virginia boxer wins 2020 Hambone Award

This spunky pooch, who busted through a window to greet a neighbor, received the 12th annual Hambone Award for the “most unusual pet insurance claim,” presented by Nationwide.