The tools of motherhood with Dr Ashley Bouregois


Ashley Bourgeois, DVM, DACVD, shares her experience of balancing being a mom with her career as a veterinarian

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Happy Mother's Day! Ashley Bourgeois, DVM, DACVD, joins this segment of dvm360 Live!™ to share talk about how to balance being a mom and the demands of a high-stress career. Then, she puts host Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, to test with his knowledge of parenting tools.

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Ashley Bourgeois, DVM, DAVCD: Our recently turned four-year-old son, when he was 3 last year. was diagnosed with leukemia. So, it's been quite the battle, going from pandemic to then taking on the role as a cancer mom. [Plus], already having that struggle of being a working mom and loving what I do as far as dermatology, but then also being present as a mom.

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