An easier path to veterinary ownership with Dr Vernard Hodges


Hear how PetSmart is partnering with veterinarians to offer clinic space within their retail locations

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In a recent interview on dvm360 Live™ with Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, Vernard Hodges, DVM, renowned veterinarian and co-star of the TV show Critter Fixers, unveiled an exciting initiative by PetSmart Veterinary Services that is aiming to change the landscape of veterinary care. Through this partnership, veterinarians have the chance to own their clinics within PetSmart stores, offering an array of unique advantages and promoting inclusivity in the field.

Vernard Hodges, DVM: I have never lent my name to another practice besides Critter Fixer [Veterinary Hospital] in 25 years, but I have an opportunity to help [younger veterinarians] own and change their life. When students are coming out of [veterinary] school with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, this is an easier way to get into a practice and change your life.

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