Hospital design: Banking on a good plan

A building as secure as an old bank, vaults and all, is sure to make for a quiet, stress-free veterinary practice.

BluePearl launches wellness program for associates

The corporate veterinary hospital chain recently launched a year-long program that aims to improve mental health and wellbeing among associates.

Ceva Animal Health acquires ThunderWorks

The global veterinary health company will use the ThunderWorks brand to expand its line of calming products for dogs and cats.

Study examines human-to-animal transmission of SARS-CoV-2

So far, none of the animals involved in the CoVERS study have tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19.

Neonatal nursing care for high-risk puppies and kittens

Newborn puppies and kittens can become compromised quickly. Here’s what you need to know when caring for these fragile animals.

How to survive your first year of veterinary school

Danny Sack, DVM, offers some tips to help new veterinary students navigate their most challenging year of veterinary school.