Episode 30: Finding balance in veterinary medicine

On this episode of The Vet Blast Podcast, Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, is joined by practice manager Alec Failor and practice owner Tracy Sands, DVM, who discuss strategies for balancing work and personal life.

Commentary:The impending demise of the small veterinary practice

A veterinary practice owner explains how the younger generation of veterinarians can help preserve small local practices

Ask Emily: How to discuss treatment plans

My veterinary team is very uncomfortable going over treatment plans. What tools can I give them to be more successful?

Monetizing veterinary telemedicine: It can be done

Using data from more than 2500 cases, Aaron Smiley, DVM, explains how adding paid telehealth services improves veterinary practice workflow, increases revenue, and boosts client satisfaction.

Bond Vet raises $17 million towards veterinary hospital expansion

The animal health company plans to open at least 10 clinics by the end of 2021.