New study lays groundwork for heartworm vaccine development

With heartworm infections on the rise, researchers from the University of Liverpool have identified two immunosuppressive proteins in Dirofilaria immitis as potential targets for a novel vaccine.

Study shows clients care what veterinarians wear

A maiden study pinpoints wardrobe styles pet owners prefer from their veterinarian, uncovering links between attire and the levels of trust, confidence, and comfort clients associate with the doctor.

Cat food recalled due to elevated levels of choline chloride

J. M. Smucker has recalled one lot of a cat food brand because of potential health concerns associated with high levels of this organic compound.

The power of gratitude during a pandemic

For this veterinarian, the COVID-19 pandemic has reaffirmed his love and appreciation for the veterinary profession.

Tips for landing your first veterinary associate position

Congratulations to the class of 2020! As you prepare to enter the workforce, consider these tips to make your job search more fruitful.

Introducing dvm360's The Vet Blast Podcast

In this inaugural episode of The Vet Blast podcast, our Chief Veterinary Officer and podcast host Dr. Adam Christman opens up about changing careers in the midst of a pandemic and shares some of his goals for this new platform.