Career advancement for the veterinary team

Hey team members, are you looking for professional advancement and personal satisfaction? Here’s what you need to know.

Fecal testing made easy, fast, clean, and accurate

Introducing leading-edge fecal flotation technology that can elevate your practice’s diagnostic capabilities, bringing expert clinical results to general practitioners. Sponsored by Zoetis.

Addressing the hidden defect in the leaky puppy

Young dogs have some simple reasons for leaving their urine where it doesn’t belong. But the not-so-simple ectopic ureter, a rare and often overlooked cause, can wreak havoc in the home.

Report recommends actions to save Australian wildlife from cats

With cats wreaking havoc on the country’s wildlife, the Australian government has proposed recommendations intended to ensure the continued survival of native species and ecological communities.

BluePearl reports link increased veterinary visits to COVID-19

The corporate hospital chain has released 2 reports focusing on changes in pet ownership and veterinary care resulting from the pandemic.

Junior Vet Camp contest set to launch next week

Young students with a passion for helping animals have the unique opportunity to experience veterinary medicine in the Becoming a Veterinarian Camp Contest 2021.