5 ways to promote preventives

Practice manager Bash Halow offers his top tips for selling tick and flea products at your veterinary clinic.

New comprehensive ringworm panel now available

Antech’s FastPanel Ringworm PCR test allows veterinarians to diagnose and treat ringworm quickly, thus helping to prevent new and secondary infections.

Take control of patient protection with a once-a-year injectable

Does your veterinary practice have the power to combat a silent but deadly disease? (Sponsored by Zoetis PetCare)

Cranking the heat on feline heartworm testing

Research shows that traditional methods for heartworm testing using nonheated samples likely underestimate the true prevalence of feline heartworm.

Merck completes acquisition of Sentinel parasite products

With the completion of this deal, Merck Animal Health now offers products that address all of the most common internal and external parasites affecting dogs.

New study lays groundwork for heartworm vaccine development

With heartworm infections on the rise, researchers from the University of Liverpool have identified two immunosuppressive proteins in Dirofilaria immitis as potential targets for a novel vaccine.