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The dvm360® exotic animal medicine page is a comprehensive resource for clinical news and insights on the latest in veterinary exotic animal medicine. This page consists of videos, interviews, articles, podcasts, and research on the advancements and developments of therapies for exotic animal medicine, and more.

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Case study: Iguana spay
Case study: Iguana spay

June 12th 2024

Nebula is a 2-year-old 'axanthic blue' green iguana

Wild quail
FDA approves first animal drug for wild quail

June 10th 2024

Photo: Steve Byland/Adobe Stock
New study reveals small birds have wings that evolve more rapidly than those of large birds

June 5th 2024

Quokkas earn recognition in Australia

May 30th 2024

Handling a turtle
Handling a chelonian patient exam

May 16th 2024

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The Vet Blast Podcast
The Vet Blast Podcast
The Vet Blast Podcast with Joya Griffin
The Vet Blast Podcast

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