How IndeVets fights veterinary burnout with a culture of wellbeing


A different work model for veterinary professionals could be the solution to better work-life balance

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Andrew Heller, DVM, IndeVets cofounder, and IndeVet #1, joins this segment of dvm360® Live!™. He discusses IndeVets' approach to work-life balance and how providing freedom to veterinary professionals can help combat burnout.

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Andrew Heller, DVM: When you get to choose the shifts, and choose the days you work, and choose the hospitals you work at, and choose when you take vacations, and choose, choose, choose, everything...It really does get you much closer to that, you know, that nirvana of a true work-life balance. And I think that's a major focus for us, is [giving] that back to doctors...[putting] that power back in their hands.

I think also having a really good work culture around you tends to create a good work-life balance, too, because then work can be fun... Work doesn't have to be stressful. You can be happy in what you do. And don't feel like you're overworked and burnt out.

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