Animal Welfare

Targeted therapy for allergic dermatitis: just what the doctor ordered

Fast and effective therapy is the key to relieving pets from the discomfort of allergic itching. Learn how targeted therapies are making a difference and changing the lives of allergic dogs and their owners.

Pethealth to merge with Crum & Forster Accident & Health

When combined, the company will be the fourth largest pet insurance entity in the United States.

DNA debunks age-old ratio for dog years to human years

By tracking age-related progressions in gene methylation patterns of dogs and comparing them with those previously observed in people, researchers have constructed a new “epigenetic clock” for translating dog years to human years.

Managing immune-mediated hemolytic anemia

Best practices for short- and long-term therapy, as well as monitoring, in patients with IMHA.

Hillbilly beard

Sometimes you just can’t predict how your veterinary clients will respond.