Animal Welfare

The Dilemma: temper, temper!

Should a team member be fired for one isolated incident of physical abuse toward a seemingly aggressive patient during these stressful, unprecedented times?

PetSmart Charities commits $2.1 million to assist at-risk pet parents

The organization has distributed grants to animal welfare organizations and social services agencies throughout the US and Canada to help people fleeing domestic violence during COVID-19.

A veterinarian shortage could cost 75 million pets their access to care by 2030

Banfield Pet Hospital announces its plan to increase the pipeline of veterinary professionals and to tackle diversity, equity, and inclusion issues.

Targeted therapy for allergic dermatitis: just what the doctor ordered

Fast and effective therapy is the key to relieving pets from the discomfort of allergic itching. Learn how targeted therapies are making a difference and changing the lives of allergic dogs and their owners.

Pethealth to merge with Crum & Forster Accident & Health

When combined, the company will be the fourth largest pet insurance entity in the United States.

DNA debunks age-old ratio for dog years to human years

By tracking age-related progressions in gene methylation patterns of dogs and comparing them with those previously observed in people, researchers have constructed a new “epigenetic clock” for translating dog years to human years.