Grounding objects, wellness, and energy management


Turpin Mott of National Veterinary Associates shares tips on getting in tune with your well-being on multiple levels

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Turpin Mott, CCO at National Veterinary Associates (NVA) joins this segment of dvm360® Live!™ to share strategies for keeping tabs on one's emotional and spiritual energy throughout the work day and life beyond the clinic. He teaches hos Adam Christman, DVM, MBA about grounding objects, and the 2 go through an energy management assessment.

Below is a partial transcript. Watch the video above for more, or check out the episode recap article here.

Turpin Mott: So one of the things that we espouse [at] NVA—and it's with everybody in the organization, not just the people in our hospitals—is to think in the concept of [bringing] all of who you are to wherever it is that you go in life...So when we show up for work, we think about the aspects of the body and the mind a lot of times, because it really is about how [getting] stuff done and [thinking] about the process through the day. But the important part is to also be really clear about what are you emotionally feeling as you go through the day, or even before you walk into the hospital...

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