This week on dvm360: Managing periodontal disease, plus more veterinary news

A sneak peek at this week’s headlines and industry news.

Tips for mastering veterinary dental radiography

To consistently obtain diagnostic intraoral radiographs, keep these important points in mind.

Case report: Removing traumatically displaced teeth from a dog’s nasal cavity via an intraoral approach

Arlo, a 2-month-old intact male Siberian husky, was presented to his primary care veterinarian 1 week after being bitten on the muzzle by another dog.

Episode 32: A look at 2 different tooth resorption classifications

On this episode of The Vet Blast Podcast, veterinary dentist Jan Bellows talks with Dr. Adam Christman about the different classifications of tooth resorption, plus offers various treatment approaches.

It’s time to act on tooth fractures

Sticks and stones may break your veterinary patients’ teeth, but these words (from you) can really hurt them: “Let’s keep an eye on it.”

Classifying tooth resorption in cats and dogs

Understanding how tooth resorption is diagnosed and classified enables you to provide better patient care and to increase patient comfort.