Equine Medicine

Purdue University renames renown equine hospital

The clinic's new name, Caesars Entertainment Equine Specialty Hospital, reflects the university's partnership with Caesars Entertainment and its support of the Indiana equine industry.

Game-changing equine barrier cream now available

Zarasyl offers equestrians and veterinarians a new option for horse skin care and wounds.

A unique dish on the multitasking menu

Mistakes can happen when you try to do too many things at once. But sometimes those mistakes pay off in mysterious ways.

Equine influenza virus: a brief review

Although usually not fatal, this devastating respiratory virus causes substantial economic loss and performance impairment.

Endoscopy and respiratory disease in horses

This diagnostic tool can provide a wealth of information about the structure and function of the respiratory tract.

Study links bone loss to proximal sesamoid fractures in racehorses

Results of this retrospective study of California racehorses may mean that one day this type of fracture can be prevented.