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Baran Schultz of Schultz Technology Solutions shares how veterinary professionals can streamline their IT to focus more on practicing medicine

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In a recent episode of dvm360 Live!™, host Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, engaged in an insightful interview with Baran Schultz, founder of Schultz Technology. With a passion for animals and a commitment to advancing veterinary care through technology, Schultz has dedicated his company to providing comprehensive IT solutions to veterinary clinics. In this interview, Schultz shares his insights on the importance of on-site consultations, the evolving landscape of veterinary technology, and the remarkable benefits of their innovative software, Fetchit. Let's explore the highlights of this informative conversation.

On-site demos and consultations: enhancing understanding and experience

Schultz emphasizes the significance of on-site demos and consultations, explaining how hands-on experiences make technology more accessible and less intimidating for veterinary professionals. By conducting site surveys and demonstrating the IT infrastructure and phone systems, Schultz Technology empowers clinic staff, especially customer service representatives (CSRs), to familiarize themselves with the equipment and make informed decisions. This personalized approach has proven to be a game changer, ensuring that clinics feel confident and satisfied with their technology investments.

Technology in veterinary medicine: a passionate drive for positive change

Schultz's deep love for animals is evident in his dedication to the veterinary space. Recognizing the need for advanced technology in veterinary medicine, Schultz Technology strives to educate and guide veterinary professionals, helping them make informed decisions that enhance patient care and clinic management. Their aim is to alleviate technological concerns and provide clinics with the peace of mind to focus on what they do best—caring for their patients.

Fetchit: streamlining phone systems and patient records integration

One of the standout innovations from Schultz Technology is Fetchit, their proprietary software that seamlessly integrates patient records with phone systems. When a call comes in, the CSR's screen displays a blue or red bubble, indicating whether the caller is associated with an existing patient record. With a simple click, the CSR can instantly access the relevant record, eliminating the need to ask for spellings or patient information. Fetchit not only saves valuable time—approximately a minute per call—but also enhances the customer experience, allowing CSRs to provide personalized and efficient service. It's a win-win situation for both clinics and their clients.

The future of veterinary technology: security, efficiency, and expert guidance

Schultz shares his insights into the evolving landscape of veterinary technology. He highlights the growing emphasis on physical and internet security, with clinics implementing CCTV cameras, panic systems, and access control to safeguard staff and valuable information. Moreover, Schultz Technology assists clinics in maximizing their overall efficiency, handling technology concerns expertly to ensure smooth operations. With nationwide availability and a commitment to on-site presence, Schultz Technology stands out from other IT companies by providing comprehensive support and personalized solutions tailored to each clinic's unique needs.

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