Tall Cow, Fat

Making the right diagnosis sometimes requires a site visit.

Midwestern Pet Foods expands recall after nearly 70 dog deaths

More than 1000 lot codes are now part of the widely expanded recall; 70 deaths and 80 illnesses have been reported in dogs to date, presumably caused by aflatoxin toxicity.

Paleontology for veterinarians: The evolution of cats and carbohydrates

Cats are clearly obligate carnivores. So, why are cat foods so high in carbohydrates, and what should be done about it?

Pet food brand recalled for potentially fatal aflatoxin levels

At least 28 deaths and 8 cases of illness have been reported in dogs that ate the recalled products.

Fact or fiction? Debunking common pet food myths

A veterinary technician nutrition specialist busts some popular pet food misconceptions and explains how best to discuss them with clients.

News wrap-up: This week's headlines, plus top holiday pet hazards

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