Spectrum of care and meeting client expectations with empathy


Why it is important to meet clients where they are, even if it means thinking outside the box of the gold standard of care

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Ryan E. Englar, DVM, DABVP joins this segment of dvm360® Live!™ to explain how empathy and "unconditional positive regard" can help clinicians better serve patients when they cannot afford the gold standard of care for their pets. She shares her personal experiences with Adam Christman, DVM, MBA and discusses the concept of "spectrum of care."

Below is a partial transcript. Watch the video above for more, or check out the episode recap article here.

Ryane E. Englar, DVM, DABVP: I think that our clients need to feel heard, respected, valued, and understood. And there's nothing worse than when we're standing in that room and the client wants to do everything and can't....We know it's fixable, we know it's treatable, but maybe they don't have the resources to go ahead and do that. And it's gut wrenching, we feel it inside. And often our client has a hard time articulating that...

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