Buying or Selling a Practice

Pros and cons of selling to a corporation

Before you say “no” to selling your veterinary practice to a corporate entity, here’s why it worked for me––plus a few things to consider if you walk down this path.

Creative veterinary clinic sale terms: Risks vs benefits

Not all veterinary practice sellers are ready for retirement. Here is a look at several creative practice buyout options that allow the owner to stay on.

Why clients leave (and what to do about it)

Here’s what you need to know to build an exceptional veterinary practice culture that your clients want to be part of.

Avoid real estate hiccups when buying a clinic

As if making the life-altering decision to buy a veterinary practice isn’t daunting enough, there can arise hidden obstacles and unexpected worries for potential owners.

2020 Hospital of the Year—Jumping in, learning curve: First time’s the charm

Two young doctors dove right into practice ownership and building a facility all at once and got the practice of their dreams, earning them top honors in the under-8,000-square-feet category of the dvm360 Hospital Design Competition. 

Decision Data: Satisfied with Cat-Friendly Practice?

A data dive yields insights on becoming a Cat-Friendly Practice through the American Association of Feline Practitioners—and how satisfied veterinary hospital owners and managers are with the results.