Personnel Management

No place for Caesars in veterinary medicine

What we can all learn from rulers in ancient times about how to be good leaders—and good citizens—today.

You, he, she and me equals us

As society evolves, veterinary practices must adapt to new norms. Today, gender is one of those areas where a “new normal” means you have to adjust how you address employees and clients who may not think as you do.

Ask Emily: Overstepping boundaries

How to address young employees who aren’t staying in their lane.

4 things you don’t need in practice

There are no doubt lots of things your practice could add, but there are likely just as many that you could remove—much to the betterment of your veterinary hospital.

6 tips for the new associate

If clients are showing some resistance to scheduling with your hospital's new veterinarian, try these best practices to get them from "I'd rather not" to "Let's do this!"