Feline Medicine

AAHA/AAFP release updated feline vaccine guidelines

The guidelines stress the importance of individualized vaccine recommendations based on a host of factors related to patient exposure and susceptibility risk.

Polyuria and polydipsia: streamlining your veterinary diagnostics

Understanding the mechanisms involved with PU/PD, in addition to obtaining a careful medical history, can help clinicians select the appropriate diagnostic tests.

Are we stressing our cats out?

Eating issues in cats—whether too much or too little—may have a behavioral cause. Here’s why, and what to do about it.

Is it ‘cattitude,’ or is that feline in pain?

Identifying and responding appropriately to both acute and chronic pain requires an understanding of the nuances of feline behavior.

News wrap-up: Feline neutering, drug DISCO, rabies, and more

Top headlines of the week: State VMAs endorse Feline Fix by Five Months, rabies update, drug DISCO, and The Vet Blast Podcast with guest Steve Dale.