Newport Laboratories establishes new inaugural award for cattle health

This year's winner of the annual award is UIUC's second-year veterinary student Luke Daniels, who plans to investigate the genetic diversity of Morazella bovis in cattle.

LSU appoints new dean of veterinary school

LSU School of Veterinary Medicine welcomes its new dean, Dr Oliver Garden, who carries over 3 decades of veterinary expertise as an exemplary researcher, administrator, medical professional, and professor.

Bank of America awards Texas Tech $350,000

The donation will be used to fund an Amarillo, Texas-based veterinary school that is estimated to generate over $75 million in revenue annually and create nearly 375 new jobs in the region.

Tuskegee announces 3 USDA APHIS Foreign Service Veterinary Fellowship recipients

This new fellowship program is offered to students interested in a career that combines veterinary medicine with international diplomacy.

Episode 52: Navigating veterinary school while battling a disability

On this episode of the Vet Blast Podcast, Jessica Hirsch, a veterinary student at Tufts University, opens up about taking a medical leave of absence during veterinary school, plus how she’s using her unique story to inspire and advocate for other students with disabilities.