Harry Potter trivia but they can't stop rowing


Who will come out on top?

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In the third segment of this episode of dvm360 Live!™, host Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, and special guest Baran Schultz, founder of Schultz Technology, embark on a unique challenge that puts their Harry Potter knowledge to the test. Strapping themselves onto rowing machines, they must tackle 5 rounds of challenging Harry Potter trivia questions while rowing continuously. It's a thrilling battle of wits and physical endurance as these 2 individuals aim to prove their wizarding expertise.

With their rowing machines set in motion, Christman and Schultz dive headfirst into the world of Harry Potter trivia. As they answer questions and row their way through each round, viewers are in for an exciting showdown of knowledge and physical endurance. Who will emerge as the reigning champion of this magical challenge? Tune in to dvm360 Live!™ to witness the thrilling conclusion and discover which contestant will claim the title of Harry Potter trivia master.

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