Market Trends

Decision Data: Who's selling online?

A data dive yields insights on online product sales and prescription refills by different-sized veterinary practicesand how satisfied the owners and managers were with the results.

AVMA: The state of the U.S. economy

As the countrys economy goes, so goes the U.S. veterinary profession. A short but important presentation at the recent AVMA Economic Summit judged important indicators green, yellow or red for Americans financial future.

Economic trends in veterinary medicine

Analysts present a years worth of research findings during annual event in Chicago.

What it would take to change the whitest profession in America

When privilege is revealed and corrected, it feels like marginalization. Guess what: Its not. Heres what diversity and inclusion actually looks like in veterinary medicine in 2019.

Grain-free pet food sales declining after FDA alerts

Ongoing concerns in the veterinary industry about dilated cardiomyopathy related to grain-free pet food have resulted in steadily declining sales for grain-free pet food manufacturers.

The state of veterinary corporatization

Here are the details that veterinary hospital groups nationwide shared with us on number of hospitals, company details and what theyre looking for in clinics to buy these days.