The power of the human-animal bond: A dvm360 Spotlight Series (sponsored by Vetoquinol)

March 6, 2020
dvm360 Staff

The bond between humans and animals is nothing new, but how will veterinary professionals continue to maintain their crucial role in this relationship?

You’ve certainly heard the term “human-animal bond.” But considering that many pet owners may have preconceived notions about what that bond means, it’s vital for veterinary professionals to have the latest research and present the scientific validity of this highly emotional issue.

In this series, we dive into new research on pets’ role in human loneliness and social isolation, the importance of pet food and its emotional connection with pet owners, and how new studies of the human-animal bond are reshaping the future of veterinary care.

The human-animal bond: past, present and future

If learning about the human-animal bond inspires you in veterinary practice, the resources are out there right now to share with your own clients to inspire and inform them about the human health benefits of having a close relationship with pets. The time has come for veterinary practices to embrace the human-animal bond.

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How food can help (and hurt) the human-animal bond

Mealtime and treats are a huge source of warm fuzzies for people and their pets—something veterinarians should recognize and celebrate. But there’s danger lurking in the shadows: obesity, pancreatitis and other problems of overindulgence.

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Combatting the ‘loneliness epidemic’ through human-animal interaction

Loneliness and social isolation, which affect a significant portion of the global population, precipitate negative health effects that rival those of obesity and smoking. Mars Petcare and the Human Animal Bond Research Institute believe that help for many people who feel alone, socially disconnected or isolated can come in the four-legged form through human-animal interaction (HAI) and pet ownership—and they’ve set out to make it happen.

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