Kyle Palmer, CVT

Long-time dvm360 magazine and Firstline contributor Kyle Palmer, CVT, is hospital manager for VCA Salem in Salem, Oregon, as well as a practice management consultant for a number of other hospitals.


An ever-changing profession

For most members of the veterinary industry, it’s clear that evolution unrelated to medicine is moving at the speed of light.

What I learned at Fetch dvm360

As the saying goes, this conference in sunny San Diego, California, wasn’t your parents’ veterinary conference.

Street medicine in action: Providing veterinary care for San Diego's homeless

My experience with the Street Dog Coalition during the Fetch dvm360 conference provided insight, experience and ideas for my own community when it comes to caring for pets with no roof over their head.

Before the breath becomes unbearable: How vet techs can convince anyone a pet needs a dental

Reach more pets, prevent more periodontal disease and make more money for your practice with veterinary technicians who specialize in awake oral assessments.