Hannah Wagle, Associate Content Specialist


Three ways to celebrate your veterinary technicians

Whether its National Veterinary Technician Week or any other week of the year, your technicians are amazing. Here are three ways you can show how them much you care.

Walk softly and carry a big net: The global fight against rabies

Nearly 60,000 people die from rabies every year, almost half of which are children. Here are some of the human and veterinary health efforts designed to stop this from happeningcompletely.

Tick talk: Lets break out the calendar

Its a well-known fact in the veterinary world: Ticks can survive the cold. But pet owners may not realize thator may just flat out not believe you. Heres a quick fix to get them on your side.

Emotional contagion: When your stress becomes your dogs stress, too

Sit. Stay. Stress. Good boy! If youre suffering from chronic stress, your dogs feeling it too, a new study says. Here are the details veterinary professionals need to know.