The top 10 gifts for veterinarians and veterinary team members

For every vet professional on your holiday gift list this year, there exists the perfect gift. These are our favorites.

Dr. Tannetje' Crocker (aka Dr. Crocker Pet Vet) polled hundreds of veterinarians and vet students to develop the ideal holiday gift list. Not surprisingly, many of the requests revolve around study aids, relaxation devices and simple (read: cheap) gifts. 

1. Gift cards. Whether it's for coffee, food, a massage, a smoothie-the gift of a free item via a gift card is the number-one request from vet professionals this year.

2. Stethoscope. A good stethoscope helps brighten any veterinary professional's day. They come in almost any color you can imagine. Just make sure to pick one with a double-sided bell for listening to large and small animals. Amazon has some great options, often on sale! 

3. Notebooks and colored pens. Choose large notebooks for studying or small pocket ones for clinics and rounds. Vet students have a lot to keep track of-and colored gel pens make it more fun. Here are a couple options from Amazon for notebooks and pens

4. Fuzzy socks. Simple, affordable and soothing-socks are a great gift option! These aloe socks hydrate while you wear them. 

5. Hospital grade shoes. Being on your feet all day means your shoes matter. If the vet professional or student in your life prefers tennis shoes, check out the exclusive collaboration by the scrubs brand FIGS and New Balance. If your gift-recipient prefers something sturdier, Dansko clogs are the way to go. These are our favorites! 

6. Penlight. These handy lights allow us to better examine animals both large and small. 

7. Books. Our top recommendation? Becoming a millennial veterinarian: Secrets to success by a fellow millennial vet by Ashley Gray, DVMFind it on Amazon, here

8. Scrubs and scrub caps. Vets need them and want them. FIGS are comfortable and come in great colors, plus, the customer service for returns is top-notch. They also just released pajamas-an adorable, awesome gift! Another great source for scrubs and caps is Etsy. Check out these tiny Corgi surgeons

9. Suture kit. Practice makes perfect! Vet students are encouraged to use these kits to practice their surgical skills. This one has great reviews. 

10. VCoterie accessories. These unique pins and stickers are used to embellish medical coats, name badges or just to bring about a smile! They have many designs specific to veterinary medicine. You can also get them at a great price point. Our favorites? This cute cat and this Beyonce-themed sticker

Hope these ideas will help you find the purrfect gift this pawliday season!