Erica Tricarico, Managing Editor


The primary building block of well-being

Find out how changing your perspective can aid in combatting the anxiety and depression often associated with the veterinary profession.

What a relief!

Meet Liz Hughston, MEd, RVT, CVT, LVT, VTS (SAIM, ECC), a self-employed relief technician with a passion for emergency medicine.

Self-care: Why boundaries matter, plus how to assert them at your veterinary clinic

Find out how (and why) setting and asserting boundaries can help you live a more purpose-driven and fulfilling life.

Tips for veterinary technicians entering the field

Longtime veterinary relief technician Liz Hughston, MEd, RVT, CVT, LVT, VTS (SAIM) (ECC), shares 3 things new technicians need to know.