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7 veterinary dentistry tips for general practitioners

Keep pet owners informed through the entire dental examination and extraction process, soothe fears about anesthesia, make jargon-free correlations and address cost concerns with advice from Kendall Taney, DVM, DAVDC, FAVD.

Share this on your veterinary practice's social media channels: Pumpkin spice and toxic vice

Start the conversation before Bella eats a bad mushroom. With the help from our partners at Pet Poison Helpline, we created a social-media-ready cartoon illustrating the toxic dangers of autumn for dogs and cats.

What it would take to change the whitest profession in America

When privilege is revealed and corrected, it feels like marginalization. Guess what: Its not. Heres what diversity and inclusion actually looks like in veterinary medicine in 2019.

Support your local veterinary girl gang

Consultant Danielle Lambert has a mission for you, bold women of veterinary medicine.