FDA cautions consumers about Texas Tripe raw pet food recall

The FDA is advising pet owners not to feed their dogs and cats certain lots of the companys raw pet food after samples from some of the lots tested positive for Salmonella and/or Listeria monocytogenes.

FDA, CDC: Throw out your pig ear treats right now

Tracking 127 human cases of salmonellosis with ties to pig ear dog treats, two government agencies warn pet owners and retailers to discard the product.

Unapproved compounded drugs linked to equine deaths

Medications formulated by Rapid Equine Solutions have been tied to three deaths, FDA says.

Norbrook recalls veterinary products due to potential break in sterility

The 34 recalled products are labeled for use in both small and large animals.

Hills updates list of pet foods recalled due to excess vitamin D

A single lot code within an already recalled SKU had been omitted from the provided list of recalled pet food.

Hills expands recall of products containing excess vitamin D

The company has reached out to veterinary hospitals across the country to announce the expansion and what is being done to appease both pet owners and practices.