Maureen McKinney, Associate Editorial Director


Bronx Zoo tiger tests positive for COVID-19

A small group of big cats in New York appears to have been infected with the novel coronavirus by an asymptomatic zoo employee. Here’s what happened—and what it means for cat owners.

Convicted murderer allegedly defrauds pet owners with lure of cancer cure

The former pharmaceutical company executive promised to restore the health of terminally ill dogs and allegedly bilked pet owners of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

VMX 2020—Pet obesity today: challenges and solutions

More than half of adult dogs are overweight, according to a new report from Banfield Pet Hospital and the NAVC. Pet weight management expert Prof. Alex German shares his solutions to this growing problem.

Hill's recall update: FDA finds systematic failure in safety procedures

A warning letter from the FDA to Hill's outlines the results of the agency's investigation, noting that the company's stated corrective actions may not solve the problem. Meanwhile, nearly 300 lawsuits have been combined.