Pet owners demand answers in Hill's canned dog food recall


Additional lot/date codes have been added to the list of recalled canned dog foods, with many owners distraught and angry after their pets fell ill or died.

Last week, Hill's Pet Nutrition voluntarily recalled 25 varieties of its canned dog food after it was confirmed that the products contained elevated levels of vitamin D.

Since the initial announcement, pet owners in the United States and Canada have commented on Hill's Facebook and Twitter pages that their pets became ill or died as a result of consuming the recalled products.

Some pet parents are looking for compensation for related veterinary bills, some are demanding an apology, others just want answers-and many are complaining that they have been unable to reach the company after multiple attempts.

In a statement released Tuesday, Hill's noted that it has expanded its customer service capacity to address consumers who are reaching out about the recall. “As pet parents ourselves, we understand the gravity of health issues with our pets,” the release noted. “We have extended our call center hours and tripled the number of people on our phones, so we can take time with every pet parent.” The company is asking affected consumers to reach out via phone (800-445-5777), email or Facebook message.

Signs of excessive vitamin D intake can include vomiting, appetite loss, weight loss, increased thirst and urination, and excessive drooling. Serious health issues, including renal dysfunction, may occur.

The recall announcement on the company's website notes that the source of the problem has been identified and more rigorous quality testing measures implemented. The recalled products were distributed nationwide through veterinary hospitals and pet retailers. No cat foods, dry dog foods or treats from Hill's are affected by the recall.

Pet owners in possession of any recalled product should discontinue feeding it immediately and return the unused portion to the retailer for a full refund. Those whose pet is showing clinical signs of excess vitamin D are urged to contact their veterinarian.

Clarification: This article has been updated from an earlier version that referred to an "expanded" recall. In its initial announcement on January 31, Hill's listed all recalled varieties of its pet food products. Later that same day, after we filed our report, the company added several more lot/date codes of the same pet food varieties to its list and announced on its Facebook page that the list had been updated. Technically, this is not considered an expansion of the recall. We apologize for any confusion. Click here for the complete list of recalled varieties.

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