Salmonella, sterility concerns prompt recalls of pet food and compounded drugs


Bravo Pet Foods, Natures Variety recall raw food diets; Moses Lake Professional Pharmacy recalls sterile compounded drugs.

Two brands of raw pet food diets have been voluntarily recalled over Salmonella contamination concerns, while another recall has been issued for compounded drugs due to possible sterility issues, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Bravo Pet Foods has voluntarily recalled certain lots of Bravo Chicken pet foods for dogs and cats due to possible Salmonella contamination, according to a release issued by the FDA. Routine testing by the New York State Department of Agriculture revealed the presence of Salmonella, although all products tested negative by an independent laboratory prior to release for distribution to consumers. The company has not received any reports of illness in people or animals related to the affected products, the release states.

The following items with a “best by” date of Dec. 5, 2016, are being voluntarily recalled for the possible presence of Salmonella:

> Bravo Blend Chicken diet for dogs and cats, 32 oz.

The following items did not test positive but are also being recalled because they were manufactured in the same facility on the same day as the product that did:

> Bravo Balance Chicken Dinner for dogs, 48 oz.

> Bravo Balance Chicken Dinner for dogs, 32 oz.

> Bravo Blend Chicken diet for dogs and cats, 5 lb.

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Nature's Variety has also voluntarily recalled several lots of its Instinct Raw Chicken Formula for dogs after a sample tested positive for Salmonella during routine FDA testing, the agency states. The affected products, which all have a “best by” date of April 27, 2016, are:

> Instinct Raw Chicken Formula Bites for Dogs, 4 lb.

> Instinct Raw Chicken Formula Bites for Dogs, 7 lb.

> Instinct Raw Chicken Formula Patties for Dogs, 6 lb.

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Moses Lake Professional Pharmacy has voluntarily recalled a number of compounded veterinary drugs because of a lack of sterility assurance, according to a release from the FDA. There have been no reports of product contamination or adverse events to date, but the company issued the recall after identifying an issue with sterility assurance.

The products being recalled were made between July 21, 2014, and July 21, 2015, and dispensed in Arizona, Idaho, Florida, Oregon, Texas and Washington. The recall does not affect any nonsterile compounded medications prepared in the facility or products compounded after July 21, 2015l.

Certain preparations and formulations of the following drugs have been recalled. For the full list of recalled products, click here.

> Buprenorphine

> Chorionic gonadotropin

> Cyanocobalamin

> Cyclosporin

> Dexpanthenol

> Edetate calcium disodium

> Estradiol

> Ethyl alcohol

> Folic Acid

> Glycopyrrolate

> Progesterone

> Pyridoxine

> Testosterone

> Vitamin B-complex

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