Drug-resistant Campylobacter outbreak linked to puppies from pet stores

The CDC advises puppy owners to take precautions, including taking new pets to a veterinarian.

CBD: Forget the legal issues—does it work in veterinary patients?

Experts share their experience and expertise on what we know about cannabidiol use in dogs and cats.

FDA cracks down on companies selling CBD products

15 companies, most of which sell cannabidiol products for pets receive warning letters; veterinarians and other healthcare providers urged to report adverse effects.

President Trump signs PACT Act into law

Performing acts of animal cruelty is now a federal felony.

Book excerpt: Why no one should be feeding pets raw meat

A new book from veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward, writer Alice Oven and pet-food CEO Ryan Bethencourt that argues for a future of plant-derived pet food spends a little time looking at the marketing of domestic pet food that makes raw meat sound like a good idea.

Letter to dvm360: Clashing concerns about CBD and veterinary medicine

An attorney who consults in the animal health industry says that, contrary to a recent dvm360 article, cannabidiol is not illegal. The author, veterinary pharmacologist Dr. Dawn Boothe, responds.