Sarah Wallace, DVM

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Sarah Wallace, DVM, is a veterinarian, telehealth expert, and staunch believer that our industry “doesn’t have to be this way.”Prior to joining Galaxy Vets, Wallace experienced early career burnout in the clinical setting and found her niche in telehealth. In 2018, she helped Fuzzy Pet Health successfully build and launch a standalone telehealth platform. Soon after, she was approached by Modern Animal to help improve their hospital-integrated telehealth solution.

These experiences, along with her desire to create a sustainable work environment for veterinary professionals, have shaped Sarah’s ongoing commitment to find methods for using telehealth to increase access to care and mitigate workload for veterinary teams.

Sarah’s hobbies include hiking, biking, trying to cook, reading, finding new music and having conversations around a campfire. Sarah lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, with her dog Birdie.


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