Texas veterinarian accused of rape indicted on drug charges

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After accusations of using drugs from his veterinary practice to assault minors, Todd Glover has been indicted and charged with engaging in criminal activity.

Todd Glover, DVM Mugshot provided by mugshots.com

A Galveston County grand jury recently indicted Santa Fe, Texas, veterinarian Todd Glover, DVM, on drug charges after he was accused of raping two teenagers at a Louisiana casino earlier this year, according to ABC13 News in Houston, Texas. He has been charged with engaging in organized criminal activity.

In early January, Dr. Glover was charged with rape and three counts of sexual battery after two 17-year-old girls made allegations of rape to police in December 2018, another ABC13 news story indicates. His license was suspended by the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners as a result of the accusations. Dr. Glover has denied the allegations and plans on appealing the decision, according to the report. He also faces a civil suit stemming from the incident.

“At this time the Animal Hospital of Santa Fe is business as usual,” the hospital's Facebook page reported on its profile, where Dr. Glover is practice owner, after the accusations were made. “Our clients and patients mean a lot to all of the staff, and we don't plan on going anywhere at this time.”

The clinic also said it was imposing an immediate policy change on prescription refills. “The Animal Hospital of Santa Fe is requiring a 24-hour refill policy on all prescription medications in the clinic,” reads a note posted in the clinic and online. “This is to reduce the risk of human error, ensure proper documentation [and] ensure proper approval, and this new policy should also help owners to request refills of their pet's medication prior to pets being out of them.”

The charge for organized crime involves false prescriptions for amphetamine drugs, according to the indictment. Victoria Lyn and Justin Tyler Cyr have also been charged with engaging in organized criminal activity.

Many of Dr. Glover's clients are expressing support for him on social media.

“I've read each comment and in each of them, Dr. Glover's been judged and convicted without a trial,” Susan Lichenstein-Evans writes in a comment on the hospital's Facebook page. “He's an awesome vet and helped us [through] a very sad time with our Lab, Stone. IF he is guilty, it will truly be a very sad loss for many, but can we all give the JUSTICE system time, [through] a trial and jury to make that decision?”

According to court records, Lyn's bond was set at $80,000, Cyr's bond was set at $20,000 and Dr. Glover's bond was set at $200,000. Records show that all three posted bond. Dr. Glover is expected to appear in court September 12.

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