Retail pharmacies to carry new pet-specific blood glucose monitor

The Test Buddy Pet-Monitoring Blood Glucose System comes with 50 test strips plus a Healthy Tracks for Pets Lancing Device and lancets for easy at-home glucose monitoring.

WVC—Chasing the ketones when diabetes runs amok

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is the body’s breaking point when diabetes mellitus wreaks havoc. What pushes the diabetic animal over the edge is typically an underlying disease that hinders compensatory mechanisms.

Client handout: My pet has diabetes...now what?

With the right training and guidance-and just a little bit of encouragement-you can help clients understand that this common disease is actually quite manageable.

The unstable feline diabetic patient, a Fetch dvm360 conference flow chart

A breakdown of next steps to take when clients call concerned about their cat.

(Mini) Team Meeting in a Box: Dial down the drama of a diabetes diagnosis

Your clients are confused and anxious and they want answers. Use this free team training to take the trauma out of the talk.

Deliver the bright side of a feline diabetes diagnosis

Injecting a dose of reality for veterinary clients with diabetic cats isn't painful-it's positively inspiring!