Zoetis unveils Alphatrak 3 glucose monitoring system for cats and dogs


Improves in-clinic and at-home diabetes monitoring for more informed decisions surrounding patient care

(Image courtesy of Zoetis)

(Image courtesy of Zoetis)

Zoetis has announced the United States launch of the AlphaTrak 3 blood glucose monitoring system for cats and dogs suffering from diabetes. This model builds on original AlphaTrak and includes a new mobile app enabling seamless, simplified communication and sharing of a pet’s glucose data and additional information with the veterinary practice in real-time for enhanced diabetic pet care.

Diabetes effects many pets, and the prevalence of this disease increased 79% from 2006 to 2016, while the prevalence in cats increased 18%. Diabetes is also approximately 3 times more common in cats than it is in dogs.1

“Diabetes is becoming more common in dogs and cats over time,” stated Georgette D. Wilson, DVM, senior manager and global diagnostics platform medical lead at Zoetis, in a company release.2 “Though a diabetes diagnosis may be overwhelming for pet owners, the disease can be successfully managed. The new, innovative AlphaTrak 3 blood glucose monitoring system provides veterinarians with accurate data that allows them to confidently implement optimal medical treatment.Pet owners can also rest easy knowing that they are providing the best possible care to their pets for years to come.”

AlphaTrak 3 is calibrated specially for dogs and cats and offers results in as little as 5 seconds, which is quicker than the AlphaTrak 2 blood glucose monitoring system currently available. AlphaTrak 3 requires a small sample volume of 0.3 microliters and offers a blood glucose dynamic range of 20-750 milligrams per deciliter.2 The new AlphaTrak 3 mobile app enables improved data capture from pet parents compared to previous systems, (ie, their pet’s eating, drinking, exercise, and time of insulin) and allows tracking of glucose trends that can be used to inform care decisions with their veterinarians.

For veterinary practices using VetScan FUSE technology, AlphaTrak 3 easily integrates with a pet’s medical records.

AlphaTrak 3 starter kits and devices are now available for purchase. AlphaTrak 2 testing strips are not compatible with AlphaTrak 3 devices. Zoetis will sell AlphaTrak 2 testing strips for use with the AlphaTrak 2 through September 2023.


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