Joan Capuzzi, VMD


Cats: From darling to doormat and back again

Cats come with caveats, both real and misconceived. But a new generation of pet owners seems determined to understand cats—and enrich their lives like never before.

Weight control for cats: Pushing flabby felines to flex their whiskers

Physical activity and creative mealtime strategies can support weight loss, boost quality of life, and bond cats more tightly with their humans.

Addressing the hidden defect in the leaky puppy

Young dogs have some simple reasons for leaving their urine where it doesn’t belong. But the not-so-simple ectopic ureter, a rare and often overlooked cause, can wreak havoc in the home.

Opioids in veterinary medicine: Just say “no” (sometimes)

Several years of opioid shortages, legal restrictions, and bounding abuse have triggered the veterinary community to pivot to alternative medications and therapies for pain control in animals. But we haven’t gone cold turkey just yet.