Author | Joan Capuzzi, VMD

Joan Capuzzi, VMD


Disuse muscle atrophy inhibited by nutritional supplement

The supplement Fortetropin has been shown to curb muscle atrophy associated with postoperative exercise restriction in dogs following surgical repair of cruciate tears.

Analyzing serologic calling cards of inflammatory bowel disease

Identifying IBD is often a challenge, but the recent discovery of serum-based markers for canine IBD may make diagnosing this disease in dogs quicker, cheaper and less invasive.

Feline diarrhea: Let the diagnostic clues flow

Causes of feline diarrhea range from simple infection to cancer. By characterizing the diarrhea and running simple tests, the practitioner can identify the pathology and stop the mess.

For better veterinary feeding information, change your question

Nutritional information is a key part of a veterinary patient’s history and crucial to good medical case management, yet this information can be elusive. According to the results of a new study, how you phrase your question can make all the difference between an ample answer and a lean response.