Author | Joan Capuzzi, VMD


Study gauges best canine sterilization ages by breed and gender

A new study connects disease risk for joint disorders, cancers, urinary incontinence, and pyometra with reproductive status and sterilization timing in different canine breeds and both sexes.

Crunching the data on pet foods

Pet food labels are awash with unfamiliar ingredients, nutrient percentages, feeding directives, and marketing claims. Use these guidelines to help your clients understand the complexities of pet food labels and match dietary choices to pets’ nutritional needs.

Cranking the heat on feline heartworm testing

Research shows that traditional methods for heartworm testing using nonheated samples likely underestimate the true prevalence of feline heartworm.

DNA debunks age-old ratio for dog years to human years

By tracking age-related progressions in gene methylation patterns of dogs and comparing them with those previously observed in people, researchers have constructed a new “epigenetic clock” for translating dog years to human years.