Author | Joan Capuzzi, VMD

Joan Capuzzi, VMD


The who, what, when and where of ticks

A flagship study details tick infestations in pet dogs and cats in the United States.

Tickborne disease surveillance: An adaptive approach

In light of global ecologic changes altering emergence patterns of tickborne zoonoses, investigators mapped out a novel framework for scoping out the influx of ticks—and the diseases they bring—into new geographic areas.

When things go wrong in the feline pancreas

Subtle, nonspecific clinical signs coupled with no identifiable trigger make pancreatic disease an elusive diagnosis.

WVC—Chasing the ketones when diabetes runs amok

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is the body’s breaking point when diabetes mellitus wreaks havoc. What pushes the diabetic animal over the edge is typically an underlying disease that hinders compensatory mechanisms.