Joan Capuzzi, VMD


Licking wounds after pet euthanasia

Pet owners have to employ coping strategies to buffer them through the trauma of euthanizing their pets. A new study reveals—on a grand scale—how they seek comfort.

Exploring human drug for feline coronavirus

To set the stage for probing the human anti-malaria drug mefloquine as an agent for combatting feline corona- and caliciviruses, researchers map out its pharmacokinetic profile in cats.

Prevalence, comorbidity, and breed differences for anxious dogs

A large study sheds light on anxious behaviors in dogs by evaluating their penetrance within the domestic canine population, the patterns by which certain traits occur in tandem, and the genetic stronghold for these behaviors.

Hatching poultry services in your veterinary practice

Companion animal practitioners can take poultry under their wing by incorporating into their practice medical care for these birds and by counseling clients on proper fowl husbandry.