Kate Boatright, VMD

Dr. Boatright, a 2013 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, is an associate veterinarian, freelance speaker and author in western Pennsylvania. She is actively involved in the AVMA House of Delegates as well as her local and state veterinary medical associations. She is a former national officer of the Veterinary Business Management Association.


Tips for managing diabetes in dogs and cats

Successful management of diabetes in veterinary patients requires patience, data, and an individualized approach.

Preparing owners for the death of a pet

Deciding to euthanize a pet is a difficult decision. Veterinarians can guide owners through the process and make the road to death more comfortable for both the patient and client by using a combination of compassion and medical expertise.

Management tips for constipated cats

Treating constipated cats can frustrate many veterinarians due to the chronic, recurrent nature of the disease. Developing an effective management strategy can improve outcomes for these patients.

Speaking for our canine patients: How to find and communicate signs of chronic pain

Identifying pain in a dog and discussing it with owners can be difficult, but proper pain assessments will improve your canine patients’ quality of life.