3 Must-reads on diabetes management

April 21, 2021
dvm360 Staff

From tips to tricks to treatment options, hone your knowledge on diabetes management with these 3 articles.

Diabetic patients require extra patience, care, and an individualized approach. That’s why we want to help you stay updated with the latest monitoring, diagnosing, and therapeutic options to help improve your patient’s quality of life. We’ve selected 3 informative articles that provide pearls for managing this life-threatening condition.

From tips for managing, diagnosing, and monitoring diabetes in dogs and cats to the latest insulin therapy, diet, and weight management options to simplifying at-home blood glucose monitoring for your clientsthere’s something for everyone. Happy reading!

  • Tips for managing diabetes in dogs and cats: Learning the nuances of care for diabetic dogs and cats can be overwhelming. Successful management comes with careful consideration, patience, data, and an individualized approach. Here are some useful nuggets for jumpstarting your diabetic management plan.
  • Treating diabetes mellitus in cats and dogs: What are your goals?: For patients with diabetes, management involves a combination of diet, weight management, and insulin therapy. Check out the latest management approaches for this condition including successful diagnosing, monitoring, and treatment options.
  • The secret to successful at-home glucose monitoring: Simplicity: At-home monitoring of blood glucose has become a mainstay of veterinary diabetes management. Take a closer look at how to simplify this process for clients with diabetic pets so that they can achieve successful at-home blood glucose monitoring.