Willam Lynott


8 tips that banks don't want you to know

Manage your funds, earn more interest, and get better service starting right now.

Stacey Sortor


Pet weight-loss program saves lives

A weight-loss contest sparks unlikely friendships ad gives this veterinary technician a new perspective on life and her job.

Erica Lacher, DVM


Equine discounts: A real-life case study

Sometimes discounts can do wonders for veterinary practices. Other times, they fail miserably. One equine practitioner has experienced both scenarios.

Albert Haberle, DVM


Options for relief

What's the difference between a part-time relief veterinarian and a block-time relief veterinarian?

Kim Hammond, DVM, MBA


Caring for gentle giants

Working with mountain gorillas has been the seminal experience of my life.

Susan Harr


Hunt for a good time

To keep the team eggs-ited at Cloverleaf Animal Hospital in Westfield Center, Ohio, Linda Randall, DVM, AVBP, and Susan Harr, the practice manager, host an annual indoor spring egg hunt at their one-doctor practice.

John Ellis, DVM, PhD, DACVP, DACVM


A Perspective on Changes in Vaccine Protocols

Annual vaccination and wellness exams have dramatically reduced the levels of infectious diseases in dogs and cats in the United States. Since annual vaccination is considered to be the gold standard, many veterinarians are puzzled and confused by the recent suggested changes for vaccinating dogs and cats.

Katherine Dobbs, RVT, CVPM, PHR


Healing veterinary team members' pain

Sustain a compassionate culture and protect your staff.

Therese Holmes


Pull-ups push back at stress

When stress drags down team members at Ontario Veterinary Hospital in Ontario, they pull themselves up with pull-ups.

Jon Geller, DVM, DABVP


Working with indigent veterinary clients: Shining a light with Shadow

'I'm able to align my beliefs with my work by working with pets of the homeless,' Colorado doctor says.

David C. Van Metre, DVM, PhD, DACVIM


Metabolic disorders of small ruminants (Proceedings)

Multiple physiologic mechanisms act in concert to maintain the concentration of ionized calcium in the extracellular fluid (ECF) within a very tightly-regulated range. Hypocalcemia most commonly occurs when the physiologic demand for calcium for fetal bone growth or milk production exceeds the dietary supply of calcium and overwhelms the homeostatic systems aimed at maintaining adequate ionized calcium in the ECF.

Jayce Lineberger, DVM


How to apply a soft padded bandage to the hindlimb: Part 2 (4:17)

In three videos, Dr. Jayce Lineberger demonstrates how to apply a soft padded bandage to the hindlimb.

Timothy McCarthy, DVM, PhD, DACVS


Surviving thoughts of suicide

One veterinarian's struggle with the pressures of practice and life outside practice, with some pointers to help you through your tough times.

Linda Wasche


Q&A: Internet search and rescue

My practice's Web site isn't showing up on Internet search engines. Why?

David Morton, PhD, MRCVS


AAAS symposium-All for one and one for all?

When advising owners, the farm-animal veterinarian has a primary responsibility to be an advocate for the individual animal's health and welfare.

Jodi Beetem, RVT, CCRP


Canine rehabilitation: Getting orthopedic patients back on their feet

Cranial cruciate ligament tears and ruptures are common conditions that can lead to debilitating osteoarthritis. Consider a veterinary team approach to canine rehabilitation to improve every patient's quality of life.

Elise M. Lacher, CPA


Why dont you talk to your accountant?

The days of set it and forget it when it comes to monitoring your veterinary hospitals finances are done. You cant fly blind as an ownerso start asking questions of the financial advisors at your disposal.

Chantal Lainesse, DVM, PhD, DACVCP


Drug interactions: expecting the unexpected! (Proceedings)

Often, the concurrent administration of more than one drug is necessary to achieve therapeutic goals.

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