Jeanne Perrone, CVT, VTS


Dental extractions: from anesthesia to send home (Proceedings)

There are very few states that allow technicians to legally do dental extractions. The American Veterinary Dental College has a published position statement outlining the dental tasks that can be performed by the veterinary technician.

Tooth fracture: Should you ever just "wait and see?" (Proceedings)

Tooth fracture may affect the crown and/or the root. In most cases tooth fractures are painful to the patient. It is imperative that patients with tooth fractures have a diagnostic workup to assess the stage of the fracture and what treatment options are available.

Managing dental emergencies (Proceedings)

Emergencies in veterinary dentistry are generally not life threatening. Unfortunately, trauma to the oral cavity and face can cause discomfort and pain with systemic complications if the patient is not able to eat.

Beneficial ancillary treatments in veterinary dentistry (Proceedings)

As one can see, dentistry can cover a myriad of disciplines and procedures. There are three types of procedures that can be a beneficial addition to the treatment options that are currently available. These additions in some cases may require some training for the veterinarian and equipment investment, but some use supplies readily available in the practice.