Monica Sterk, DVM


How to build trust in the emergency setting

Know how to communicate with and comfort clients, especially during critical moments, when you are not the primary veterinarian.

Julie Liu, DVM


6 ways to save time with Fear Free

Simple and effective Fear Free strategies help your anxious patients feel more relaxed and save you time.

Stephanie Shaver, DVM, DACVS-SA


Tricky toes: Considerations regarding canine digit amputation

Insights and tips to ensure success for this common surgical procedure.

Hannah Capon, MA, VetMB, MRCVS


Too often, lameness in dogs is misdiagnosed as arthritis

Hypothetical case studies demonstrate how easy it is to make a mistake that deprives pets of desperately needed care

Prof Johan P. Schoeman BVSc, MMedVet, PhD, DSAM, Dipl. ECVIM. FRCVS University of Pretoria, South Africa


Repurposing common endocrine tests for use in canine critical illness

At the intersection of endocrinology and critical illness, these case studies examine endocrine biomarkers that accompany severe illness and incipient recovery.

Keith Loria


Education gaps exist for veterinary pharmacy

Limited veterinary pharmacy training is available, other than a handful of pharmacy schools that provide elective courses on the topic.

Justin Ganjei, DVM, DACVS-SA


Understanding laparoscopy in veterinary surgery

General practitioners are incorporating this increasingly common minimally invasive surgery into their menu of services

Emily Stein, PhD


At-home care is crucial to combating periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is a battle that needs to be fought daily, with pet parents on the front line.

Ryan Blystone


6 Effective ways to treat pet behavior problems

Easy-to-follow plan of action when presented with behavior patients



How to evaluate a reptile chemistry panel

Defeat imposter syndrome and treat lethargic reptile patients with confidence

Sarah Meade


Managing acral lick dermatitis in canines

OCD medications show efficacy for behaviors associated with ALD

Galyna Danylenko


Crisis communications for vet practices: a step-by-step guide

A public relations expert shares communication tips to avoid a media disaster in times of crisis

Madeline Colli


CBD provides one mustang with a second chance

Emma Davis, founder of Mikko’s Choice, discussed the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids to horses, and the horse that inspired her to launch a cannabis and hemp product brand.

Jasmine Hill, CVT


Thriving when life is hard

To help recruit and retain veterinary professionals, changes have to be made to create a healthy work life balance for all

Ian Kanda, RVT, VTS (Exotics)


Pet identification for the exotic animal

Using microchips, leg bands, shell labels, and other methods to identify

Mickey McDermott, BS, MS, PhD


Win one for the team with effective communication

Examining one of the most important and least taught topics in veterinary training

Colleen Shockling, DVM, MPH, DACVPM


Preventing mushroom toxicosis in our companion animals

Identifying signs, understanding mycology, and educating clients help keep pets safe

Ashleigh V. Fairfield, LVT, CCRP, VTS (Physical Rehabilitation)


The importance of pain assessment in rehabilitation patients

A look at the causes and effects of pain, and how to assess your patients before beginning rehab.

Amanda Joslin, DVM, DACVO


Extraocular myositis in a young pit bull

The owners opted to forgo diagnostic testing but accepted treatment of the presumptive diagnosis.

Lauren Dell, DVM


Treating feline arthritis with spectrum of care

Various approaches to tackle this painful condition in cat patients

Emma Hoffmann


The reality of moving long distances for veterinary school

One student reflects on what it is like starting over in a brand-new place for veterinary school

Mark P. Helfat, DVM


Commentary:The impending demise of the small veterinary practice

A veterinary practice owner explains how the younger generation of veterinarians can help preserve small local practices

Denise S. Rollings, CVT, VTS (Dentistry)


Identifying malignant oral tumors

Cancerous growths originating in the mouth region may require treatment with a veterinary dentist or oncologist

Deborah Thomson, DVM


Why and how to educate your clients about One Health

How to implement this global initiative at your veterinary practice, plus some strategies to get you started.

Julia Burke, Associate Editor


Holiday gift ideas for pets and professionals

Here are some hot items in the pet industry to add to your holiday shopping list

Jennifer Graham, DVM, DABVP (Avian/Exotic Companion Mammal), DACZM


Clinical pathology of exotic companion mammal emergency presentations: The case of Daphne

Veterinary professionals can gain a lot of information on critical rabbit patients from history, physical examination, and diagnostic findings

Dana Koch, VMD, CVA, MLAS


Acupuncture therapy in pets

This nonpharmacological form of treatment, rooted in Eastern medicine, can help with a variety of conditions

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