Sample script: Sticky payment scenario


Follow these talking points when a client's pet insurance is denied.

Pet insurance policies are generally much easier to understand than human ones, says Leslie Mamalis, MBA, MSIT, and consultant with Summit Veterinary Advisors in Littleton, Colo. But that doesn't mean they're always clear cut. With varying eligibility requirements and plans, it's not uncommon for clients to have some questions about coverage. Use Mamalis' following script to ease tension, build rapport, and open up a dialogue with clients.

Client: Why didn't my pet insurance cover Fido's care?

You: Have you called your company's customer service line?

Client: No, I wanted to talk with you first.

You: A faulty claim is often to blame. An illegible policy number or a missing signature can delay payment or cause denial. Do you have a copy of your claim that you could read through?

Client: No. And I filled it out perfectly. It's something else.

You: Is your claim covered by your plan?

Client: Why wouldn't it be?

You: Some policies are quite specific about what they will and won't cover. Several solely cover basic wellness care while others only cover accidents. It's possible that Fido's care isn't included in your plan, or it is, but not as a pre-existing condition. What that means is if Fido had a condition or illness before you purchased your policy, any care connected to that would be excluded from reimbursement. I know it's frustrating, but the only way to know why your claim was denied is to review your policy and call your insurance company.

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