dvm360 August 2019

Heartworm hotspots: When pet travel is the trouble

July 17, 2019

Heartworm disease is affecting more dogs and cats in more parts of the country than ever, in part due to the long-distance transport of shelter animals. Here's what you need to know to educate your veterinary clients.

Slow growth to the freestanding hospital

July 16, 2019

With 15 years at two previous strip-mall locations under his belt, Dr. Bradley Petersen turned Petersen Pet Hospital into the AAHA-certified, Fear Free practice of his dreams. His clients, patients and employees appreciate the Merit Award-winning hospital in this years 2019 dvm360 Hospital Design Competition.

Say cheese, Mr. Vice President!

July 13, 2019

Its hard to take a vacation as a veterinary practice owner, but I wouldve missed the nicest folks, the prettiest nature and a snapshot of a funny Florida lady and a U.S. vice president if I hadnt taken time off.

Pin the competition: How to make market share to work for you

July 10, 2019

How much of the local veterinary business is your practice capturing compared with your competitors? If you don't knowor if it's not a pretty picturethis AVMA tool can help you pin down a plan toward greater success.

The bright side of pet nutrition: Food and the human-animal bond

July 09, 2019

Mealtime and treats are a huge source of warm fuzzies for people and their pets—something veterinarians should recognize and celebrate. But there's danger lurking in the shadows: obesity, pancreatitis and other problems of overindulgence.

Does it spark joy? My veterinary take on Marie Kondo

May 31, 2019

Japans so-called Queen of Tidy helped me sort my T-shirt drawer, my office and my garage, keeping only the stuff that sparked joy. But I think these lessons offer us veterinary professionals a chance to ask that about every task and everyone in our lives.