Advances in veterinary telemedicine: When it comes to learning, share and share alike

March 8, 2019
dvm360, dvm360 August 2019, Volume 50, Issue 8

Screen sharing is proving a powerful collaborative and teaching tool.

Telemedicine has always hinged on technology, and the preponderance of high-speed internet has led to easy screen sharing. Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Maria Evola, DVM, MPH, DACVR, says this is leading to a revolution in the way doctors interact.

Telemedicine rundown:

She says being able to look at another veterinarian's computer in real-time has applications for teaching as well as clear sharing of information and opinions.

"It can be very helpful to just share their screen and to say, 'look, here it is,' and point with the mouse," she says.

Dr. Evola also notes that this form of information exchange makes it much more efficient to point out what is normal, a variation of normal and flat-out abnormal on an image.

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