Natalie Stilwell, DVM, MS, PhD

Dr. Natalie Stilwell provides freelance medical writing and aquatic veterinary consulting services through her business, Seastar Communications and Consulting. In addition to her DVM obtained from Auburn University, she holds a MS in fisheries and aquatic sciences and a PhD in veterinary medical sciences from the University of Florida.


Crate expectations: Realistic strategies for postoperative confinement

When your veterinary patient requires crate rest to heal from surgery or injury, make sure to educate owners about the challengesand be ready with strategies to make the process manageable for both pet and people.

Journal Scan: Feline diabetes and the gut microbiome

In a recent study, feline diabetic patients demonstrated similar changes in gut bacteria to those seen in human patients with type II diabetes mellitus.

Demystifying immune-mediated CNS disease

Noninfectious neurologic diseases were once known as pug dog or Yorkie encephalitis. Heres the latest on diagnosis, treatment and prognosis for your veterinary patients with this challenging illness.

Journal Scan: Long-term strategies to manage free-roaming cats

Using computer modeling software, veterinary researchers compared the relative effectiveness of various trap-neuter-return and permanent removal strategies over a simulated 10-year period. Heres what they found.