Client Handouts

Otitis in puppies: How to help veterinary clients watch for signs

Otitis in puppies (especially those floppy-eared cuties) can be tricky for pet owners to catch until the infection is well on its way to causing pain and discomfort. Give clients this handout so they can recognize clinical signs of otitis as early as possible.

Client handout: 7 Halloween dangers for pets

This information resource for pet owners identifies some staples of Halloween fun that need to stay far away from a households pets.

Client handout: Rabies 101: What you need to know

Rabies is a potential deadly disease that can and does affect both animals and people.

Client handout: Xylitol and dogs don't mix

Help veterinary clients prevent xylitol poisoning with this educational handout created from information provided by the FDA.

Team tool: Help veterinary clients find a dog trainer in 4 easy steps

As a veterinary professional, you've probably witnessed poor training here, there, everywhere. Which is why you know that an experienced, qualified dog training professional is hugely valuable to dog owners and can make a world of difference for your canine patients. Use this tool to help lead veterinary clients in the right direction.

Red in tooth and clawand how to keep both away from your face

You, dear veterinary professional, dont go out looking to be bitten or scratched, yet you probably have some sort of battle scar from a bad encounter. Heres how to prevent any more from happening in the future.