Client handout: Handling your pets seizures

June 5, 2018
Sarah J. Wooten, DVM
Sarah J. Wooten, DVM

Dr. Sarah Wooten graduated from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. A member of the American Society of Veterinary Journalists, Dr. Wooten divides her professional time between small animal practice in Greeley, Colorado, public speaking on associate issues, leadership, and client communication, and writing. She enjoys camping with her family, skiing, SCUBA, and participating in triathlons.

Seizures are largely unexpected, and largely scary to pet parents. This handout covers the how and why as well as what to do in the event of a seizure.

Sparky's just had a seizure. His owner rushed him in to be examined, and she's half out of her mind with confusion and worry. This handout explains what might have caused the seizure and what the client can do to prepare herself if it ever happens again. Click the handout below to download a free, printable copy.